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World of Eyelashes

XXL Lashes offers the widest range of eyelashes in the market. Over 300 different forms, lengths, curves and volumes are always in stock. --- Here is a comprehensive overview into the world of eyelashes and categorisation of eyelash types in accordance with requirements:

5 Trays Mink Lashes, ** SPECIAL SALE **, no Label, super quality, new

instead of 36,25 EUR only 15,00 EUR you save 59%


Loose eyelashes in boxes, the classic ones for individual eyelash extension

instead of 11,50 EUR only 3,00 EUR you save 74%


Mink Lashes - Silk Lashes - xD Lashes - Russian Volume ~ 4000 pcs [J-Curl + L-Curl]

instead of 16,50 EUR only 8,26 EUR you save 50%


V-Lashes – 2D – 320 pieces without knots, soft and light

instead of 13,50 EUR only 6,75 EUR you save 50%


Y Lashes - 2D eyelash fans for greater volume – 320 double lashes

instead of 13,50 EUR only 8,50 EUR you save 37%


instead of 17,00 EUR only 11,75 EUR you save 31%


Camelia Mink Lashes, Innovation for Russian Volume 3D-6D

15,90 EUR - 15,90 EUR

120 Flare Lashes 5D - ultra-light, knot-free - 0.07 mm, 0,12 mm and 0.15 mm diameter

instead of 15,50 EUR only 13,50 EUR you save 13%


500 finest, premade fans for eyelash extensions, 3D without knots, ideal for volume technique | C-Curl

26,90 EUR

500 finest, premade fans for eyelash extensions, 5D knot-free, ideal for volume technique

instead of 39,50 EUR only 33,50 EUR you save 15%


instead of 44,90 EUR only 29,00 EUR you save 35%


Magic Volume Lashes, Express Fan/Cluster Eyelashes, Pre-Fanned Eyelashes

14,90 EUR

10 D Volume Flare Lashes, 60 pcs, without knots, C curl, 0,05 mm "thin", wafer thin - also known as "hot melting lashes"

instead of 15,50 EUR only 12,82 EUR you save 17%


Ellipse Flat Lashes, Slim Lashes / C- & D-Curl / diameter 0.15-0,20 mm / Box with mixed lengths 7-13 mm

17,90 EUR

200 Flare Lashes with knot in affordable refill bags in the lengths 6-15 mm

10,00 EUR

300 Flare Lashes / Push up Lashes with small knot in a jewelry box in 3 different lengths

16,80 EUR - 16,80 EUR

60 Flare Lashes / Push up Lashes in a box - 6—15 mm

instead of 14,00 EUR only 7,00 EUR you save 50%


Rainbow Mink Lashes

18,50 EUR

2-TIP-Lashes also called Twin Lashes - pointed on both sides

instead of 19,99 EUR only 9,99 EUR you save 50%


A-Lashes – C-Curl, 7-13 mm

17,00 EUR

Y-Lashes with Crystal Stones

instead of 22,90 EUR only 15,90 EUR you save 31%


Colored Lashes

instead of 16,50 EUR only 2,99 EUR you save 82%


Silhouette eyelashes - seconds at an introductory price reduced by 50%

7,00 EUR

Silhouette Eyelashes, Paper Cut Eyelashes

14,00 EUR

Set of Practice Eyelash Strips

0,75 EUR - 0,90 EUR

1 Set of Strip Eyelashes, made of fine silk synthetic fiber

2,90 EUR

Handmade natural hair Mink Strip Lashes

14,90 EUR

A selection of 1200 Flare Lashes in a box | C-Curl | 6D-8D

49,00 EUR

Silicon Box / Small box for eyelashes with an attached silicon pad on the lid.

1,90 EUR

Empty eyelash box ....

0,50 EUR

  • Strip Lashes. These are a set of eyelash extensions that are combined into a strip for easy application. They provide fast and secure attachment to the eye lid and in the same time quick application. They are made for dizzily fantastic appearance and are used mostly for evening events.

  • Flares. Combination of several (two to six) shorter and smaller eyelashes, which provide more ingenuous look by thickening the lash line. They are applied by specialists in the cosmetic saloons and need special care.

  • Individual strands. These are the most natural looking eyelash extensions. Separate flares add volume and original look by thickening your existing lashes. They're the type that professionals use in the mascara commercials to imitate longer and lush appearance for the top models. Also applied by specialists, they need weekly treatments.

Also there are several different types according to the shape - W-lashes, C-curl lashes, J-curl lashes, Y-curl shaped lashes.
Unless otherwise indicated, the eyelashes are made in Korea from PBT fibre, used for instance in tooth brushes. PBT is valued for its dimensional stability and resistance to heat.