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Eyelash Extension Kits

These eyelash extension kits help save money. XXL Lashes has put together different sets. Beginners, people with DIY requirements and professional stylists all have their needs catered to.

10pcs Eyebrow Styling Set

10,90 EUR - 12,90 EUR

XXL Lashes "Super Lash and Brow Lift" Set 6.0, Eyelash Lifting Kit

39,00 EUR

3 in 1 KIT - Lash Lift, Brow Lift & Tint Kit

21,90 EUR

DIY - Do it Yourself Lashes Kit, 48h Eyelashes

instead of 19,90 EUR only 17,91 EUR you save 10%


Remaining stock: XXL Lashes "Super Lash and Brow Lift" Set 4.0 - Eyelash Lifting with the Airless Dispenser Bottles

instead of 39,00 EUR only 19,50 EUR you save 50%


Eyelash Perming and Lash Lifting Starter Kit for Salon and DIY Home Use

21,90 EUR

XXL Lashes Pro Kit, Basic Equipment for Eyelash Extensions and Lash Stylists

instead of 202,25 EUR only 151,69 EUR you save 25%


XXL Lashes Starter Kit for Eyelash Extensions

instead of 117,05 EUR only 80,10 EUR you save 32%


XXL Lashes Mini Kit for Eyelash Extensions

instead of 140,70 EUR only 77,00 EUR you save 45%


Certified Correspondence Course to Qualify as an Eyelash Extension Stylist with a complete Training and Starter Kit

instead of 295,00 EUR only 265,50 EUR you save 10%


XXL Lashes Deluxe Kit for Eyelash Extensions and Lash Stylists

instead of 287,50 EUR only 222,00 EUR you save 23%


XXL Lashes Glamour Kit

instead of 63,10 EUR only 39,00 EUR you save 38%


Set of Eyebrow Wigs - with Glue, Eyebrow Ruler and Tweezers

36,50 EUR

  • Professional eyelash extension kits have a wide variety and different types of lashes, adhesives, cleaning solutions, sealer, adhesive remover (debonder), several types of tweezers, jade stones, air bowers, scissors and other. Their main purpose is to satisfy the professional cosmetic studios which make eyelash extensions and do the aftercare for them.
  • Semi-professional eyelash kits are suited for the students in the workshop. They contain basic supplies for eyelash extensions and a learning manual plus a bunch of instruction films.
  • At-home eyelash extension kits have their own advantages for non-professionals. Easy to use equipment, combined with one of the best lashes can make you the star in front of your colleagues and can seduce every heart or mind. These kits have supplies for aftercare.

Make your choice wisely. Buying a kit for eyelash extension will save you money and time.