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Beauty Specials

Beauty Specials provide novelties of all manner and fancy products not usually available easily in the trade.

Anti-wrinkle face pearls from Khanya - Concentrate for face and eyes with Q10, against skin aging,

4,55 EUR

“The day after” set with the great anti-wrinkle pads contains also....

instead of 25,00 EUR only 15,00 EUR you save 40%


Khanya Lift Effect Pearls - concentrate for face and décolleté, against the signs of skin aging

4,55 EUR

24 hr LIP GLOSS, 2-in-1, luminous colours, high gloss

4,90 EUR

XXL Lashes Lid-up Strips – 120 pieces

15,50 EUR

Purederm Charcoal Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes

3,90 EUR - 7,90 EUR

Aloe vera gel 390 ml, 100 % natural, chamomile extract, dermatologically tested, moisturising care for skin and hair

9,98 EUR

Sensinity black cleansing mask for skin impurities and blackheads, 130 ml

instead of 8,26 EUR only 4,13 EUR you save 50%


Premium quality concealer palette with 15 different shades

11,90 EUR

Epily - Thread Epilator for natural hair removal – cotton thread epilator

9,80 EUR

XXL Lashes Metallic Flash Tattoo

2,00 EUR

Promotion: Mascara suitable for Eyelash Extensions - oilfree

2,90 EUR - 3,90 EUR

Double Glitter Mascara "2-in-1" in five different glitter colours

5,70 EUR

Eyelash comb separator with ergonomically bent stainless steel tips

2,90 EUR - 4,60 EUR

130 ml Argan Oil - 100% organic, cold pressed

instead of 19,90 EUR only 15,50 EUR you save 22%


Dolly "Lash Lifting" Salon Kit

39,00 EUR - 59,00 EUR

5pcs Cosmetic Brush Set

6,80 EUR