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Sensinity black cleansing mask for skin impurities and blackheads, 130 ml

Effective removal of blackheads and acne with a detoxifying effect

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This black facial mask does intensive cleaning and improves the texture of the skin. It works as a detoxifying agent on your skin.

Its deep penetration removes dirt from the pores and has a disinfecting and anti-inflammatory effect. It repairs and improves the skin in the process and ensures deep cleansing while leaving your skin healthy and glowing.

Application: It has to be applied in a thin layer with fingers or brush on the corresponding areas of the face, leaving out the eyes and mouth. As soon as it dries up it can be peeled off in one piece. You can make it more effective by steaming your face or running a moist, hot napkin over the affected areas of your face before application. The results will leave you impressed.

For best results use it about once a week.

A tube contains 130 ml and is adequate for about 20—30 applications on the affected areas.


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