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600 Crystal Stones / Strass Stones: Palette with 12 colours

The glamorous accessoires for eyelashes, nails and many other uses.

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These attractive little crystal stones can make a diva of any woman – whether it’s for some festive occasion or the ‘night of nights’! They are incredibly versatile: You can use them not only to enhance your eyelashes, but to draw attention to your fingernails, toenails or simply as a decoration applied directly to the skin. And why not decorate your cell phone, other accessories and anything else?

The circular container has the advantage of allowing you to access 12 different colours at once instead of having to keep track of individual boxes. There are 6 cool colours and 6 warm ones, so you can create any style that suits your present mood. For each colour there are 50 individual stones, each of which is 2 mm in diameter.

A container is also available with crystals in only red color or only blue or just transparent.

Cristal Clear Cristal Clear
  1. After applying XXL Extension Lashes, make sure that the following items are easily available:
    • the crystal stones
    • the XXL Lashes adhesive
    • a jade stone or glass plate
    • palillos (small wooden sticks)
    • microbrushes
    • one straight and one curved pair of tweezers
    • a (small) fan
  2. Place a drop of XXL Lashes adhesive on the jade stone or glass plate.
  3. Cut off the end of a microbrush and place it on the jade stone or glass plate.
  4. Now isolate a suitable eyelash using the curved tweezers.
  5. Holding the microbrush in your other hand, take up a tiny droplet of adhesive with the thin side of the microbrush and transfer it to where the XXL Lash is joined to the isolated eyelash.
  6. Now you can use the straight tweezers to pick up a stone and put it on the adhesive (make sure the flat side is in contact with the adhesive).
  7. XXL Lashes tip: Dip a palillo (one of the wooden sticks) into a drop of water. Touch a glass stone with the wet part of the palillo – you’ll see that the stone sticks to the palillo so that you can pick it up and place it on the eyelash.
  8. When the glass stone is in the right place, you can press it onto the eyelash more firmly by using two palillos, one above and one below the stone/eyelash. This improves the adhesive effect of the glue.


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