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Eyelash Glue and Remover

XXL Lashes imports products from all corners of the world that stylists can rely on internationally: 1a glues, removers, pads, cleansers, tapes all based on the maxim that higher the quality of products longer the application lasts and thereby higher the success of stylists. Read all you need to know about adhesive here as a PDF download.

OIL RESISTANT ♥: XXL Lashes Adhesive "xD” Express

42,50 EUR

XXL Lashes Eyelash Adhesive Sensitive, Oil-Resistant Eyelash Glue

29,00 EUR

XXL Lashes Adhesive „Pro“ 5ml

29,00 EUR

XXL Lashes Eyelash Adhesive xD "Ultra"

instead of 35,00 EUR only 24,50 EUR you save 30%


XXL Lashes Remover, 10ml

9,50 EUR - 12,50 EUR

Eyelash Extension Remover Minis

8,90 EUR

9 ml Skin and Lash Glue DUO

6,90 EUR - 8,50 EUR

XXL Lashes Gel Remover for Eyelash Extensions, 5ml

7,50 EUR

Latex Glue with Brush Applicator

instead of 7,85 EUR only 5,90 EUR you save 25%


Glue for Eyelash Lifting

instead of 8,60 EUR only 4,90 EUR you save 43%


5ml Skin Glue for Eyebrow Wigs and Strip Lashes

instead of 7,25 EUR only 3,62 EUR you save 50%


Skin Glue in the Beta Test Phase *) – Ideal for Lash Lifting Pads, Brows and Strip Eyelashes

instead of 8,60 EUR only 2,90 EUR you save 66%


Eyewash Solution

2,90 EUR