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Lash Lifting Glues

The eyelash lifting glues from XXL Lashes are suitable for eyelash lifting, eyelash lamination and eyelash perming. They are water-soluble and elastic and fix the silicone pad on your eyelid as well as the natural eyelashes on the pad during the eyelash lift. These lash lift glues are easy to wash off and can be applied quickly and easily with the applicator.

Lash Lifting Glue, Skin Glue, Adhesive for Eyebrow Lamination, Strip Lashes, Eyelash Clusters, Eyebrow Wigs, 10ml

1,85 EUR - 6,60 EUR

Glue for Eyelash Lifting

instead of 8,60 EUR only 4,90 EUR you save 43%


Skin Glue in the Beta Test Phase *) – Ideal for Lash Lifting Pads, Brows and Strip Eyelashes

instead of 8,60 EUR only 2,90 EUR you save 66%