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Eyebrow Wigs

Artificial eyebrows from XXL Lashes offer an ideal solution for people with thin eyebrows or those missing them due to illness or chemo. You can also find the right adhesives for them here.

EyeBrow Lashes Starter Kit

instead of 69,00 EUR only 49,00 EUR you save 29%


Set of Eyebrow Wigs - with Glue, Eyebrow Ruler and Tweezers

39,50 EUR

Eyebrow Wigs, False Brows

29,50 EUR

Eyebrow Wigs for Men, Bushy, Handmade, 100% Natural Hair, Seconds at a Reduced Price

16,50 EUR

Brow Extension Eyelashes

instead of 16,50 EUR only 12,50 EUR you save 24%


9 ml Skin and Lash Glue DUO

6,90 EUR - 8,50 EUR

Lash Lifting Glue, Skin Glue, Adhesive for Eyebrow Lamination, Strip Lashes, Eyelash Clusters, Eyebrow Wigs, 10ml

1,85 EUR - 6,60 EUR

Latex Glue with Brush Applicator

instead of 7,85 EUR only 5,90 EUR you save 25%


SALE: Fine Brow Extension Eyelashes 0,07mm diameter - black

instead of 16,50 EUR only 5,00 EUR you save 70%


Glue for Eyelash Lifting

instead of 8,60 EUR only 4,90 EUR you save 43%


5ml Skin Glue for Eyebrow Wigs and Strip Lashes

instead of 7,25 EUR only 3,62 EUR you save 50%