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Eyelash & Brow Lifting

Eyelash lifting and eyebrow styling is ideal for everyday life. It shortens your daily beauty routine and still guarantees an expressive look with minimal effort. Discover our diverse product range, particularly popular by stylists and for use at home because of the oxygen-protected sachets. 

Eyebrow and Eyelash Tint 2.0 Swiss o-Par

7,90 EUR - 9,90 EUR

Y Applicators for Eyelash Lifting

2,90 EUR

32 Perming Rods for Eyelash Curling

4,90 EUR

Eyelash Lifting Tool & Comb

5,60 EUR

Special Items: Silicon Pads for Eyelash Lifting

instead of 9,80 EUR only 3,80 EUR you save 61%


10 Silicon Pads, Size S, M or L - for Perfect Eyelash Lifting! - Refill pack

8,90 EUR - 12,80 EUR

Eyelash Lift Silicon Pads 10pcs in S, M and L

12,50 EUR

Eyelash Perming and Lash Lifting Starter Kit for Salon and DIY Home Use

8,90 EUR - 21,90 EUR

20 Lift Lotion Sachets for Eyelash and Eyebrow Lamination

16,99 EUR

Glue for Eyelash Lifting

instead of 8,60 EUR only 4,90 EUR you save 43%


5 Perming Gel Sachets and 5 Fixing Lotion Mini Tubes for Eyelash and Brow Lifting

instead of 13,90 EUR only 11,99 EUR you save 14%


XXL Lashes "Super Lash and Brow Lift" Set 6.0, Eyelash Lifting Kit

39,00 EUR

Super Lash Lift Kit Lotions Refill Bottles from the Eyelash Lifting Kit

3,90 EUR - 8,90 EUR

Lash Lifting Glue, Skin Glue, Adhesive for Eyebrow Lamination, Strip Lashes, Eyelash Clusters, Eyebrow Wigs, 10ml

1,85 EUR - 6,60 EUR

Remaining stock: XXL Lashes "Super Lash and Brow Lift" Set 6.0, exp 12/24

instead of 39,00 EUR only 19,00 EUR you save 51%


Skin Glue in the Beta Test Phase *) – Ideal for Lash Lifting Pads, Brows and Strip Eyelashes

instead of 8,60 EUR only 2,90 EUR you save 66%


10 Perming Gel Sachets and 10 Fixing Lotion Mini Tubes for Eyelash and Brow Lifting + 1 Extra Glue for Free

24,59 EUR

3 in 1 KIT - Lash Lift, Brow Lift & Tint Kit

8,65 EUR - 21,50 EUR