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Special Items: Silicon Pads for Eyelash Lifting

refill pack, reusable, meant for eyelash positioning, soft, pliable, suited for every eye shape

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instead of 9,80 EUR only 3,80 EUR you save 61%


Isn‘t it always frustrating when the silicon pads cannot be stuck on the client’s inner and outer eyelid? Now there is a permanent solution to this problem for you with these silicon pads!

With our lifting glue you can place our reusable silicon pads with great ease on the client’s eyelid, to set the natural eyelashes in the right position.

They are very soft and pliable and thus fit snugly on any eye shape. This brings great ease of use.

The pads in different sizes facilitate smooth operation and offer the right curl for any and every eyelash type.

The pack contains 5 pairs in 5 different sizes

  • S for extremely short eyelashes
  • M for short eyelashes
  • M1 for normal eyelashes
  • M2 for long eyelashes
  • L for super long eyelashes

The pads can be cleaned in warm water after use and disinfected thereafter.

The 7 most common problems of the eyelash lifting procedure and the mistakes that one can make

A demonstration of the eyelash lifting procedure is given in these videos:


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