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Lash Lifting Tools

These useful accessories are required for every eyelash and eyebrow lift. If you are unsure which silicone pads you should use, you will find the best tips here.

10 Silicon Pads, Size S, M or L - for Perfect Eyelash Lifting! - Refill pack

8,90 EUR - 12,80 EUR

Eyelash Lift Silicon Pads 10pcs in S, M and L

12,50 EUR

Half-Moon Eyelash Mirror

6,90 EUR

Eyelash Lifting Tool & Comb

5,60 EUR

32 Perming Rods for Eyelash Curling

4,90 EUR

Special Items: Silicon Pads for Eyelash Lifting

instead of 9,80 EUR only 3,80 EUR you save 61%


Y Applicators for Eyelash Lifting

2,90 EUR