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helllo! ....... i must say they are the longest most beautiful lashes I have seen!- thanks, gabrielle!
hello good afternoon, we are a firm gel nails and eyelash extensions in Portugal, and we love your products.......... Best Regards Inês Almeida
I just want to thank you for the great product. I bought the eyebrow kit. It was presented so well. Also well packed and it works amazingly. The service had been excellent and so fast. Thank you. Great product I am very happy I'll be back again. Much appreciated Tanya
Thank you for the best service everYour service is very good....i will buy always here. And the products are also very good.
I've been searching for the right false eyebrow for quite some time and have finally found it with XXLLashes. I have no brows at all due to ill health and have been drawing them on for over 20years. Last year I'd had enough of waisting so much time in the bathroom trying to make my brows look presentable for the world to see it was then I decided to wear brow wigs. I've tried quite a few some were to bushy and wide, others to sparce and not the right colour, nothing looked good, I was about to give up searching when XXLLahes popped up on my screen. They had what I wanted the slim brow so I took the gamble. I went for the F1 - 8R light brown colour and the style is perfect for my face shape. They are not bushy but nicely tappered in and are so easy to cut to the right length compaired to all the other makes The light brown colour goes well with my red hair, I am so happy with the result and with a very fair price I have ordered another 2 pairs. I highly recommend XXLLashes for Eyebrow Wigs.
Thank you for your product! I am very satisfied............ Dana
Excellent products, exceeded my expectations. My clients and I are very satisfied ♥️
I want to compliment you with the great service and products you sell. I'm very happy with it and I'm going to order the lashlift products and other stuff in the near future. Thank you so much!
Thank you for a good service...
Happy to work with XXLashes
Dear Susan, Today I have received the order.... It is pleasure to work with you. Will recommend you to my friends! Have a nice day!
Hello Susan,Thank you for the great service!
Thank you for your greatnservice.
Dear Susan, Thank you very much for your reply and great service.  - BR Rikke
Hi,  I have now tried your product and I'm fully satisfied with the result.   ..............I really like the product ............ 
Everithing is ok, I am really satisfied with you, you are great and your lashes are fantastic
hey! ................................... I founded here in Finland Forssa Eyelash studio. I've been very pleased with the mark so thank you! kati puisto
Thank you so much for a small gift, it is very necessary thing for microblading :) Thank you!:) Best regards, Irina
Hello, Working with you is a great pleausre for me Susan ....Thanks for everything..
You have been very kind and fast! I will order again from your website as soon as possible ! 
Many thanks for getting back to me so soon and for answering all my questions...much appreciated.Thank you so much... you've been very helpful. I wish all companies would be as prompt and professional as you.
I just received my order and wanted to thank you ,nyour products are great,
thanx a lot -and i will order soon...i love yournprodukts.....nice time
Thank you so much...  you dealing ... so quickly.   I am very pleased with the service from you.
Hi Susan I wanted to let you know that I've had a few orders from you now and each time the products are packed beautifully, they arrive immaculate and all your products are excellent quality too. We will continue to order from xxl in the future. .............   Regards April Major