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Super Lash Lift Kit Lotions, individual refill bottles from the eyelash lifting kit

Cleanser, Glue, Perm Lotion, Fixing Gel and Conditioner in single units

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4,90 EUR - 12,90 EUR

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The 5 favourite lotions from the XXL Lashes Super Lash Lift Kit now also available individually for purchase:

1 Cleanser, 5ml – cleans grease, dust and makeup remains on eyelashes and helps them come off the silicon pad after application - 4.90 EUR

1 Glue, 5ml – glue, water-proof and washable, fixing glue for eyelashes on the silicon pad - 8.60 EUR

1 Perm Lotion, 5ml – perm lotion, revolutionary formula, takes a very short time to set, brings an alluring natural sweep to eyelashes (takes 4-5 min to set for thick eyelashes and about 2-3 min for thin eyelashes) - 9.90 EUR

1 Fixing Gel, 5ml – fixing gel helps retain the sweep for long - 12.90 EUR

1 Conditioner, 5ml – the nourishing care lotion coats and strengthens eyelash hair - 4.90 EUR


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