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XXL Lashes Eyelash Adhesive xD "Ultra", oil-resistant, high durability, fast-drying, waterproof, 5 ml

“Ultra Glue” has a setting time of 3-4 seconds and is used by professionals who work fast and place eyelashes very close to one another.

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This black adhesive is used when one wants to stick eyelashes very close to one another very fast. Professional stylists love this and it is indispensable for the XD Volume technique. This technique calls for an adhesive that dries very fast with fine viscosity for two different reasons. The quick drying time is required so that the selected false eyelashes that are placed adhere quickly and one can let go off them and the fine viscosity prevents them from sticking to the neighbouring eyelash.

Any eyelash adhesive requires about 24 hours to dry completely even if adhesion has taken place within the first few seconds. After this it is no longer possible to move the false eyelash extension on the natural eyelash or to remove them without the help of a removing agent.

Quick drying time also means that the drop of adhesive dries quickly even on the jade glue stone or in the glue ring. If the viscosity of the drop of adhesive thickens while working do not use it for further application, continue work necessarily with a new drop of adhesive. As a rule, the top most drop is the freshest in jade or glass glue stones.

Like all water-proof eyelash adhesives the Ultra adhesive too contains Cyanoacrylate. Some clients fear the worst from this but the fact is that the special ester in the Cyanoacrylic acid is also used in the field of medicine for wound closure instead of sutures. Cyanoacrylate is approved for use in treating wounds since 1998 in USA since it is especially effective for closing lacerations. Cyanoacrylate is not carcinogenic.

Strong bonding means also strong fume. Therefore, this glue is not recommended for the self application, which needs to be done with opened eyes. It might happen that these fumes make your eyes burn or tear. This adhesive is recommended only for an Eyelash Professional, who applies eyelash extensions at an closed eye.

Many users prefer this glue because of its long lasting result. Some protect the eyes with drops to prevent tearing.

Note: This glue is not suitable for self-application (only to be used on the closed eye). In case a non fuming adhesive is preferred, then the XXL Lashes Adhesive is the better choice.

What is the lifetime of an adhesive and how does one store them?

It is important for it to be stored in a cool and dark place, preferably between 15 and 21 degrees, for long life. Exposure to sunlight, heat and air shorten life and is therefore to be avoided. The vial has to be closed properly again immediately after use but not before wiping the neck of the bottle clean.

Do not store it in a refrigerator since temperature fluctuations cause condensation in the bottle and shortens the life of adhesive.  

Mild adhesives last for up to 12 months provided sealed and for about 4—6 months after opening the bottle. Stronger adhesives last for 7—10 months in a sealed state and for 2—3 months after opening.

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XXL Lashes Adhesive „Pro“

XXL Lashes Adhesive „Ultra“

XXL Lashes Adhesive „xD”

Recommended for:

* perfect for sensitive clients/eyes
* takes 4-5 sec to cure, therefor
* perfect for 1st level stylists
* and cross-linking application style
* suitable for self-application
* available also in clear for colored lashes

* this glue offers a great combination of bonding strength and speed of use
* only for advanced lash stylists
* due to the drying time, you have the perfect amount of time to adjust the lash before the adhesive bonds

* Adhesive Ultra is the best choice for advanced eyelash extension stylists
* ideal for fast application process
* the viscosity makes it perfect for creating eyelash fans with

* ideal for advanced classic and volume lash artists
* our fastest setting adhesive
* the best choice for master techs


* oil resistant
* waterproof
* odorless
* mild type
* anti-allgergic
* no irritation
* medical grade
* free from latex & formaldehyde

* oil resistant
* waterproof
* odor can cause little irritation
* 3-4 sec drying time
* free from latex & formaldehyde

* oil resistant
* waterproof
* odor can cause little irritation
* ultra-fast
* ultra-strong
* stable in changing environments
* free from latex & formaldehyde

* oil resistant
* waterproof
* fastest setting
* immediate bonding
*with the widest humidity range
* maximum retention,
* works in more environments
* free from latex & formaldehyde

Getting the best from your adhesive …. or how to use:

1.- Before use allow the bottle to stand at room temperature for 30 minutes prior to treatment. You should know the ingredients in the product separate the thinner the adhesive is. Therefore, shake the bottle for approximately 20 seconds before dispensing.
2.- Never leave the bottle without cap if not necessarily needed as air and moisture will enter causing the glue to deteriorate.
3.- The nozzle should be cleaned after every use with a lint free wipe. Do not use cotton wool or baby wipes as the fibres can react with the adhesive and could cause an exothermic reaction.
4.- Refresh your adhesive bubble every 15-20 minutes. Adhesive cures from the outside in. Therefor dip your fan or lash extension in the middle of your adhesive bubble to take from the freshest point.
5.- To prevent excess adhesive from sticking to the extension, the adhesive should be slowly (not quickly) pulled out of the centre of the glue bubble.

How to avoid irritation:

1.- It is best to allow the drop to be processed to "evaporate" for at least 5 minutes before applying it

2.- Use a Nano Sprayer. Any fume emanating from the glue is immediately absorbed leaving no trace behind. It helps sensitive clients to bear them better and to minimise allergic reactions.

3. Use as little glue as possible. This works best, if you dip the extension SLOWLY into the MIDDLE of the glue dot, not too fast, not to deep and not on the surface. You will see, this way you will apply only a thin coating of glue on your lash extension.

Setting time

4-5 sec

3-4 sec

2-3 sec

1-2 sec

Application durability

8-10 weeks

7-9 weeks

6-8 weeks

6-8 weeks

Shelf life

8 months

9 months

9 months

12 months

Shelf life after opening

6 months

7 months

7 months

8 months

Shelf life tips

Never store the adhesive in the refrigerator so that condensation does not harden the adhesive. The ingredient cyanoacrylate reacts/hardens with moisture. It should be stored in a dark place at about 20 °, preferably in a thermopack with silica gel or in a jar with rice. The rice prevents moisture from getting into the glue.

Temperature and humidity

best temperature to store: 18 - 24 ° / best humidity to work with: 50-80 % (if room temperature is too low, adhesive takes longer to cure, then a nano sprayer should be used)





very low

What you should know about Viscosity

The viscosity (flow property of a liquid) has an effect on bonding and longevity.
The lesser (thinner) the viscosity of the adhesive the faster the polymerisation (= adhesion). The adhesive reacts/hardens faster while using it.
The disadvantage is that it loses longevity thereby. The advantage is that it can be stored for a longer time.

An adhesive with greater viscosity (thick fluid) takes a longer time to harden and thus greater the processing time.
The advantage is that the bonding correspondingly lasts for a longer time.

Shake before Use: You can see easily that the adhesive separates clearly in dependence of the viscosity. The thinner the adhesive, the more separation can be realised. This has to be seen as a typical attribute to the great aging performance of these products.


There is always the discussion if Cyanoacrylate is free of Formaldehyde. Unfortunately, this is technically not possible. Formaldehyde must be used in a pre-manufacturing-process, otherwise the product wouldn’t stick. During the purification and distillation phase almost all Formaldehyde is taken out again. XXL Lashes can assure, that no Formaldehyde is used as a stabiliser in the formula. This is valid for all XXL Lashes adhesives.


All XXL Lashes Adhesives are free of Hydroquinone. Hydroquinone is a colorless solid and is used as an oxidant because of its properties. Possible side effects of Hydroquinone include skin irritation, including dermatitis, eczema, hypertrichosis, and allergic skin reactions.

Adhesive type

alkoxycyanoacrylate based

alkoxycyanoacrylate based

ethylcyanoacrylate  based
no alkoxycyanoacrylate

ethylcyanoacrylate  based
no alkoxycyanoacrylate

Alkoxy based Cyanoacrylates

These products are made for those people who do have problems with the odour and irritation potential of the ethylester based products.  The bonding performance is a little less than ethylester based cyanoacrylates.

Cyanoacrylate is not carcinogenic. Special ester in the Cyanoacrylic acid is also used in the field of medicine for wound closure instead of sutures. Cyanoacrylate is approved for use in treating wounds since 1998 in USA since it is especially effective for closing lacerations.

Ethylester based Cyanoacrylates

Ethylester based cyanoacrylates are known as powerful bonding, long lasting adhesives. When the adhesive is polymerised, there shouldn’t be any irritation problem



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