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XXL Lashes Metallic Flash Tattoo

Rarely has a trend been so hot. The XXL Lashes Metallic Flash Tattoos make a sexy statement of your bare skin in adorning you like jewellery.

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Creativity knows no bounds thanks to XXL Lashes' wide range of designs. The shimmering accents in silver or gold are perfect for the entire body from head to toe.

Indulge in a few extra sheets while ordering as your friends are sure to envy you:

1 3
4 5 6
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The tattoos are skin-friendly and last for 3—7 days.

Application is easy-peasy, just closely cut out the desired design lay it on the reverse on your skin, moisten it, tamp it down and peel off just as you would a bubble gum decal sticker. Apply oil and rub it off to remove the tattoo.

 Peel off the film
1. Peel off the film
 Place the sticker
2. Place the sticker
 Moisten the sticker
3. Moisten the sticker
 Firmly stroke it
4. Firmly stroke it.
 Peel off
5. Peel off.


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