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DIY - Do it Yourself Lashes Kit, 48h Eyelashes

144 cluster eyelashes in 5 different lengths, including bond/adhesive, sealer, remover, applicator and manual

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❤️ [EASY PEASY] - These eyelash clusters are easy to use because they are beginner-friendly, stress-free, easy to pick up and apply. They are as soft as your own eyelashes, comfortable and reusable. The feather-light, ultra-fine, soft band provides a weightless feeling. They are so light and long-lasting that you can comfortably wear them for several days and nights. - You can use the individual eyelash tufts several times if you take good care of them.

❤️ [FOR YOU] - With this all-in-1 kit we help you to save time and money, because with the DIY instructions you can easily apply breathtaking eyelashes at home and even protect your natural eyelashes! - In just a few minutes you can create a natural or dramatic look, wispy lashes or cat eyes that last a long time, depending on the occasion and mood. The XXL Lashes falsies are fluffy and soft, emphasize your eyes and give them more expression.

❤️ [HOW TO] - You get step-by-step instructions with your DIY Lashes box. The application is child's play. Apply the eyelash glue to your natural eyelashes and wait about 30 seconds before carefully peeling the falsies off the strip. Then stick one or more tufts under your natural eyelashes, about 1mm away from the eyelid! With the included XXL Lashes Remover, the eyelashes can be gently removed without leaving any residue.

❤️ [ALL IN] - Your all-inclusive starter kit offers everything you need for an enchanting eyelash change: 2-in-1 lash bond and seal, the lash remover and an applicator. The best thing are the 144 (!) eyelash clusters in different lengths from 8 to 16 mm, finely crafted and made from high-quality materials. Choose how many tufts and which length suit your look. The DIY lashes are available in 2 different styles.

❤️ [WE ARE HERE FOR YOU] - If there is anything we can help you with, please send us a message and we will give you a quick response and solutions. Thank you for shopping with us!


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