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SALE !!! -Loose Eyelashes in Boxes

J-Curl, C-Curl, D-Curl - any length and thickness always on stock [2nd range]

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J-Curl Thumbnail 0,15 mm

0,20 mm

C-Curl Thumbnail 0,10 mm

0,15 mm

no stock

0,20 mm

D-Curl Thumbnail 0,15 mm

0,20 mm


Eyelashes with thickness of 0,10 mm lend the most natural look and have the closest resemblance to natural eyelashes. They are soft, light, pliant and resistant. They are, naturally, a must-have.

Eyelashes with thickness of 0.15 mm are preferred in half of all applications. They are extremely resistant, lustrous, strong and come pre-formed.

Our thickest eyelashes are 0.20 mm thick and are ideally suited for that customer who desires a dramatic look. They are also to be applied individually and appear almost to have a distinctive hairline. As a result you get very expressive eyelashes that look longer and thicker. At the same time they are very soft, light, resistant, pliant and beautifully shaped at the outer ends. They are truly good to have in your selection.

Each pack contains 2000-2500 individual eyelashes.

These XXL Lashes are of the highest quality and specially made for eyelash extension professionals.

What is the difference between the J, B, C and D lashes?

Differentiation between the J, B, C and D lashes is made on the following basis:

  • J-Curl – for ramrod straight lashes
  • B-Curl – for natural lashes with a slight curl
  • C-Curl – for natural lashes with a normal curl
  • D-Curl – for natural lashes with an accentuated curl
  • 2-tip lashes – C-Curl, pointed on both sides

In order to optimize longevity and adhesive properties the extension has to resemble the curl of the natural eyelashes to the largest extent, failing which the area at the point of contact where the extension is stuck to the eyelash is greatly reduced, which consequently reduces longevity.

Our tip: add to the life of the extensions by using the XXL Lashes Sealer.


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