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10D Premade Fans, 60 pcs knot-free, C-curl, 0,05mm thin

Incredible: one of these of Flares consisting of 10 hair weighs less than one 0.2 mm eyelash!

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Thumbnail C-Curl 0,05 mm

D-Curl 0,05 mm

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"Eyelashes you want to swoon over"!

A known method of processing melt fibres has been employed here, which consists of using heat to fuse together the ends of 10 hair of differing lengths and dispensing with knots to stick them.

Besides, some of the 10 little hair are a little shorter. This not only makes them feather weight but lends body and volume to the row of eyelashes.

10D eyelashes with a thickness of 0,05 mm and differing lengths weigh even less than 0.2 mm eyelash extension. ……

It can be understood from this illustration:

The blue circle stands for a 0.22 mm size,

The yellow circle stands for a 0,05 mm size respectively.

❤️ These latest generation Flare Lashes are light as feather, create volume without having to struggle when applying them. The tufts are so finely crafted that they are also suitable for the Russian volume technique. They offer a wonderful alternative for those who balk at the hassle and price of the Russian Volume technique.

❤️ No need to make fans yourself as we provide exquisite premade fan eyelash extensions here. All you have to do is just take out the premade fans with tweezers and apply them to the client's eyelashes, which will greatly reduce your working time.

❤️ Stylists now have the option of creating volume even without using the XD Volume technique and in doing so of not putting too much of a strain on the natural eyelashes. What's more, all this is achieved in half the time!

❤️ The root ends of the pre-made fan lashes are heat bonded. Therefore, not only can they not fall apart, but also have no problems with glue residue. Therefore, the 10D flare can connect better with the natural eyelash and optimize your application result.

❤️ The production and quality of the premade fan eyelash extensions is strictly controlled. Manual heat technology is used to make each lash have a stable curve without collapsing. They are soft and powerful, which makes the eyelashes more fluffy and attractive.

❤️ There are 60 premade eyelash fans in one box. A fan consists of 10 eyelashes to be applied on and individual eyelash. This is the gorgeous volume that one can generate by using them.


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