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500 Premade Fans for Eyelash Extensions, 10D, knot-free | 0.05mm thin | C-Curl

amazingly economical price-performance ratio for the superior quality

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C-Curl Thumbnail 0,05 mm

Traditional Flare Lashes usually are too heavy to be worn for long stretches without feeling bad about it. Excessive weight on natural eyelashes can lead to premature falling of eyelashes and can hamper the growth of eyelashes. They should thus be worn only occasionally or for short periods.

The next generation Flare Lashes shown here are light as feather, create volume without having to fret about them.

These Flare Lashes offer a wonderful alternative to those who balk at the effort and price of the Russian Volume technique. Stylists now have the option of creating volume even without using the XD Volume technique and in doing so of not putting too much of a strain on the natural eyelashes. What's more, all this is achieved in half the time!

There are 500 Flare Eyelashes in one box. A flare consists of 3 eyelashes to be applied on individual eyelashes. This is the gorgeous volume that one can generate by using them:


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Wrote by Guest. on 19.05.2018

kind and fast

You have been very kind and fast! I will order again from your website as soon as possible ! 

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