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SALE !!! -Silhouette Eyelashes, Paper Cut Eyelashes" />

SALE !!! -Silhouette Eyelashes, Paper Cut Eyelashes

The latest rage for the highly adventurous. This will be talked about even the day after.

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It will appeal to those whom sky-high XXL eyelash extensions, rainbow eyelashes, glitter, pearls or crystals on the eyelashes seem boring.

They draw inspiration from the traditional Chinese craft of paper cutting and are made from firm, elastic and paper that can be used many times.

To apply you only require our skin glue (or other standard strip eyelash adhesive) and flair.

They are to be stuck like normal strip eyelashes on the lid as close as possible to the eyelash base..

You can cut off smaller individual units from the bigger models in order to stick the motifs on the corners of the eyelid. Who else but you has butterflies, sea horses, stars or fishes fluttering around their eyes? Choose from a wide range of motifs whether you want your new eyelid flutter to be dramatic, playfully rock, punk or just plain cute.

Each motif in the collection is delivered individually packed in a premium quality paper bag. The bags contain two pairs of small motifs each.

01 - small deer & butterfly 02 - small horses 03 - small peach blossom 04 - small peacock
05 - small peonies 06 - small under the sea 07 - birds 08 - deer & butterfly
09 - horses 10 - peach blossom 11 - under the sea 12 - spider


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