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10 Double Chamber Adhesive and Pigment Holder Rings

.. to hold two different glue types or pigments for use during an application session

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These rings are preferred by eyebrow stylists, who need to work simultaneously with both water proof glue and water-based skin adhesive.

Tattoo artists use these for easy access to different pigments.

Adhesive Rings... these are soooo great to use. Instead of giving a drop of the glue on the glass plate or Jade Stone you just give it into the ring. Place a small amount of adhesive in it. The adhesive will stay moist for hours when it is kept in the adhesive cups.

Then wear the ring on your left index finger, if you are a right hander. Otherwise the other way round. You will see it makes your work much more relaxing and faster.

All you have to do is learn not to talk with your hands or tip them. After the adhesive is in there for a while it isn't so runny and it gets easier to handle. Takes a little practice but once you get the hang of it you'll never be without them.
Using adhesive rings will save you time and money.

They come in a small bag with 10 pcs and fits one everyone's fingers.

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