6 ml waterproof skin glue for strip lashes & stick-on eyebrows

..... also suited for application of glitter tattoo

Product ID: 000399 weight: 0,03 kg

9,50 EUR


This glue which appears white at first turns transparent in the process of drying. It is waterproof thus the tattoo lasts over 3-10 showers. Like all waterproof glues this one too dissolves once in contact with grease. It can be cleaned off with a dab of lotion or oil based makeup cleanser.

You can find instructions on how a body tattoo is glued on this site You can find it on this site

This skin (or -eyebrow) glue is hypoallergenic thus it can also be used for strip eyelashes. (Caution: not to be used for single eyelash application).

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