XXL LacLine – Hard as Diamond.

UV-Nail Polish - Manicures that last long

The sensational nail polish not just for pros. Application is a child play like any other nail polish, as effective as UV gels, semi-permanent and lasts for two whole weeks
XXL LacLine
XXL LacLine
XXL LacLine
XXL LacLine

At last an option between an ordinary nail polish and a high end nail studio. Finally perfect nails at all times in all places, even for home users. No chipping, scratching, luminous sheen till the very end.

Has it escaped anyone at all? One has just painted the nails and before they can dry there are those daubs. It does not end there. On the next day itself the nail polish begins to peel. Women all over the world fret having to paint their nails every second day. Bid Adieu to those times, XXL LacLine is here!.

XXL LacLine is a unique hybrid of UV gel and high grade nail polish cured by light : thin consistency like nail polish but long lasting like a UV gel. Simply apply XXL LacLine thinly all over the nail surface or as a French tip over natural, gel or acrylic nails and harden it for two minutes under UV light or for 30 seconds under LED curing apparatus.

The outcome is scratchproof and impact resistant and shines like car finish.

As "the long lasting manicure" XXL LacLine holds an enormous business potential for our nail studio clients. It is the perfect addition to the gel offer with which you can attract customers, those customers for whom nail models were unaffordable or who feared for the health of their natural nails. XXL LacLine is an option that finds its place between a manicure and nail modellage and does not damage finger nails and natural nails.

Many of our nail stylists report that they have been getting many more XXL LacLine application orders than gel nail modelling orders. This the new trend. You will gain a whole new crop of clients with XXL LacLine who will come back to you every 14 days and thus provide you with an assured income.

What clients think of XXL Lacline

All the features at a glance:

  • easy application and removal
  • thin application and removable like any nail polish
  • no tools or special brush required for application.
  • saves the nails as the nail surface does not need to be filed
  • protects the nails as the hard UV polish protects the nails from external forces and allows for a healthy growth
  • the drying time is unlike traditional nail polishes. XXL LacLine hardens within 2 minutes under UV light bulb or in 30 seconds under LED light bulb.
  • The annoying wait for the nail polish to dry is over and done with. The nail polish is then made instantly resilient and impact resistant.
  • no harm to the natural nails
  • ensures healthy growth of natural nails
  • no dependence on nail studios, removal is also easy for lay persons

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