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XXL Lashes Sealer, protection and care after eyelash extensions, eyelash lifting, eyelash wave and eyelash lamination, black and transparent

This Longer-Life Coating protects and extends the lifetime of eyelash liftings and extensions

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❤️ This coating is specifically designed for eyelash extensions and lash lifting after care. It covers the eyelashes with a protective layer so that dirt, grease and dust cannot harm them.

❤️ This sealer gives the natural eyelashes strength thanks to its care substances and ensures that the eyelash structure is built up and strengthened. It protects eyelashes from moisture and shocks and makes them look more vivid and shiny.

❤️ Especially after an eyelash lift, perming or lamination, the eyelashes are nourished to the maximum and the treatment result is optimized.

❤️ In order to lengthen the life of eyelash extensions, the best way is to use such sealer as a longer-life coating, because every eyelash extension glue has a limited adhesive life. This sealer ensures that the adhesive remains elastic and does not dry out and crumble. In this way it extends its life performance enormously.

❤️ It should regularly be used after the initial treatment. Application on a daily basis helps contour and hold the extended or lifted lashes - just like hairspray for eyelashes. The 7,5 ml liquid can be easily applied on the XXL Lashes with the mini-brush mounted inside the bottle or using a Micro Fibre Brush.

❤️ Clients should be able to buy this product directly from their professional after the eyelash extension or lifting service.


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