The XXL Lashes Mini Kit

ideal starter kit for students of the workshop, you save more than EUR 50 compared with single purchases

Product ID: 002988 weight: 0,40 kg

77,00 EUR


This kit provides a complete set of first class products, especially the high-quality, waterproof XXL Lashes adhesive and the XXL Lashes Remover for fast removal of extensions.

Worth mentioning are the precision tweezers, with which you can easily pick up even the finest lashes.

This pretty little bag contains everything needed for start-up. It is therefore the favourite purchase of trainers for their students.

This is, what you can expect in detail:

3 boxes of lashes with the lengths of 8, 10 and 12 mm 46.50 EUR
1 high quality XXL Lashes Adhesive, waterproof, 5 ml (Filling date on bottle bottom)
29.00 EUR
1 bottle of XXLLashes Remover for fast removal of extensions, 5 ml (Filling date on bottle bottom)
7.50 EUR
1 bottle Protein Cleanser for cleaning the eyelahes, 20 ml 5,20 EUR
1 pair of curved tweezers 8.80 EUR
1 pair of precise straight tweezers 8.80 EUR
1 eyelash comb 1.00 EUR
1 cosmetic brush 1.00 EUR
1 fine, sharp scissors 3.50 EUR
1 adhesive ring 0.50 EUR
1 jade stone or crystal plate 3.50 EUR
1 micropore tape 2.50 EUR
1 sponge 1.00 EUR
10 microbrushes 0,85 EUR
1 box of wooden palillos 1.95 EUR
1 set of training lashes 2.90 EUR
1 blower 2.95 EUR
total 127,45 EUR
your price 77.00 EUR
you save 50,45 EUR

You will also receive an instruction manual (PDF) in English language and links to helpful instruction films.

The savings are enormous, because the individual purchase of the products will cost over 127 EUR! You save more than 50 EUR with the purchase of this kit.

Of course all products can be purchased separately, the bag has a size of 20 × 12 × 10 cm.