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❤ Magnetic Adhesive Eyeliner Kit, combines Eyeliner and Glue in One Product

❤ no magnets and no glue needed to apply false eyelashes, for all types of strip eyelashes (see video here), incl. applicator and 3 pairs of strip eyelashes

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Say goodbye to magnetic eyelashes: this false eyelash kit is non-magnetic. If you've already been annoyed about the fact that magnetic eyelashes are difficult to attach, keep coming off or sit badly, then this set is just right for you.

Applying any type of false eyelashes is getting so easy now. You no longer need glue, just draw a line with the Magic XXL Lashes Eyeliner Pen and put on your false eyelashes. Done !

Benefit from 8 advantages:
  1. Similar to magnetic eyelashes but without magnets and without glue
  2. Easy to use, no glue residue, no more smudging: draw a line of eyeliner and place your favorite eyelashes directly on the line
  3. Suitable for all types and brands of strip eyelashes
  4. Fast drying in just 30 seconds
  5. Waterproof, sweatproof and long lasting. The magic eyeliner lasts for 30 to 40 applications and doesn't damage your natural eyelashes
  6. And the best thing about it is that your fake eyelashes will last even longer, as adhesive residues no longer affect the eyelash strips
  7. The used strip eyelashes can be reused many times
  8. Removing the lashes is also super easy: simply peel off the eyelashes with two fingers and remove the eyeliner with a make-up cleaner

Each pack contains
- 1 magic eyeliner pen,
- 1 false eyelash applicator
- and 3 pairs of strip eyelashes, choose between 2 different styles: daily or glamour:


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