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Protein Remover Pads

These 75 super-fine, lint-free, pre-moistened pads gently cleanse lash extensions without damaging them.

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10,90 EUR


XXL Lashes

These superfine, lint free, pre-moistened pads are a comfortable one step cleansing treatment specially designed to remove make-up, dirt, oil, protein or cosmetics on eyelashes and eye-zone easily without affecting the eyelash extensions, while gently moisturising the skin with just a single use. Skin will feel fresh and smooth.

This cleansing treatment provides a clean surface and best base on the natural eyelashes, which guarantees a stronger bonding of the adhesive. The result will be a longer life time of the extensions.

These moistened pads should be offered to clients as a home aftercare product to clean lash extensions and remove eye make-up.

Pick up the pads with sanitized tweezers.


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