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AURA Ring lamp, LED daylight with smartphone holder and USB port for shadow free lighting, ideal for cosmetic applications, bloggers, taking selfies and photography

Get better photos and application results with shadow free, brighter lighting

Product ID: 086571 weight: 3,20 kg

148,00 EUR


Seeing better helps stick better: ring light is ideally suited for shadow free lighting of details, as too for photography and filming.

Have you ever wondered, how most beauty photographs and videos you have seen lately are so well lit and of such high quality? Well, if you thought this came from using a highly expensive professional camera, then you are so mistaken! Most of these photographers and video makers owe the high-quality of their videos and photographs simply to a unique lighting device: the ring light.

The Aura Ring Light provides the user with a uniform light source coming directly from the camera view. The highly variable light intensity dims seamlessly.

Aura’s rotating head enables you to adjust the beam of the ring light; ideal for precision work, photography, tattooing, eyebrow or eyelash specialists and lots more.

At 2.6 kg Aura is extremely lightweight and comes in a chic pouch. It requires just a few steps to plug in thus making it convenient for mobile use. It has a telescoping stand for optimal height adjustments and an ultra-flat pedestal that can be pushed under a couch or other furniture with ease.

Product information:
✅ Height 198 cm (78")
✅ Width 61 cm (24")
✅ Depth 57.5 (22.6")
✅ Weight 2.6 kg (5.7 lb)
✅ Colour silver/black
✅ Cable length 3.5 m (137.8")
✅ Light source LED
✅ Lumens lm 2,100 lm
✅ Lux at 30 cm (12") 4.500 Lux
✅ Colour temperature 6,000 K
✅ CRI 90+
✅ Energy consumption 29W

WEEE No. DE16204853


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