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Tattoo Eyebrow Sticker for Men and Women

❤ Incredibly natural-looking eyebrows in seconds, water-proof and easy to use (see video) ❤

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The eyebrow stickers look amazingly real, a quick fix beauty makeover to transform your appearance.

The eyebrows come in different forms to suit all kinds of face shape, no matter the look desired. They flatter your face and transform your appearance in a flash perfecting the total look.

They do not smudge and last for several days. Being water-proof you can, in fact, have them on even while showering.

The stickers are extremely skin tolerant and do not harm, scar or damage the skin. A great alternative to messing around with glues and powders or, for that matter, putting up with painful tattooing and micro-blading procedures!
One sheet has 11 pairs of eyebrow stickers.

Application is very easy:
  1. Mark the position of the eyebrows on your face
  2. Snip closely along the edges of the desired eyebrow shape and peel the transparent sheet
  3. Place it on the demarcated position
  4. Tamp it down lightly with a moist cloth or sponge for about 10 seconds and let moisten thoroughly
  5. When the sticker is firmly pressed on the skin (it takes a couple of seconds and has to be thoroughly moistened), the sticker paper can be peeled carefully – t h a t ’ s  i t!


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