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Latex glue with brush applicator, skin glue for strip eyelashes and artificial eyebrows

Easy to use, secure adhesion, skin friendly, hypoallergenic, vegan, without parabens

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💖 Professional glue for artificial eyelashes, artificial eyebrows and for skin jewellery, 6 ml

💖 Formulated for all-day use, ensures sustained wearing comfort from morning to evening.

💖 Hypoallergenic, vegan, free of nano particles, without perfume, oil free, alcohol free, without preservatives, without parabens, without acetone. Natural latex is skin friendly and in fact suited for sensitive skin.

💖 Easy to use comes with a super fine brush applicator for precise and sparing use without dripping. Looks white when applied but turns transparent upon drying; that makes application easy.

💖 EASY TO USE AND REMOVE: apply on artificial eyelashes and eyebrows and wait for about 2-3 seconds. As soon as the glue turns transparent the eyelash or eyebrow is ready to be positioned. The eyelashes or eyebrows can be removed easily after use; that makes it possible to use the strip eyelashes or eyebrows multiple times.


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