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5x 50ml Eyelash Shampoo for Salons

Your after-sales stock, essential for eyelash extension care

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As an eyelash stylist, you will surely advise your customers after the application on the correct care of the eyelash extensions. A good eyelash shampoo should not be missing for this. How good if you then have the right product in stock and can give it away.

The XXL Lashes eyelash shampoo has a very gentle texture due to its foam nozzle and is specially made for cleaning eyelashes before application as well as for the care of eyelash extensions. Washing the extensions prolongs their life.

The micellar shampoo is one of the "softies" among the eyelash cleansing products. It cleanses the lashes and eyelid deeply, but is super gentle. Nano-small particles in the shampoo make the big difference here - and enable gentle eyelash washing.

A micellar water is a watery lotion with micelles. Micelles are nano-small surfactants, i.e. washing-active molecules that can remove grease- and water-soluble particles. They act like a magnet on dirt and make-up. This is mainly due to their structure.
This is why micellar water cleanses quickly, easily and particularly gently and effectively. It is now a standard item in many people's lash salons and bathroom cabinets.

Why XXL Lashes eyelash shampoo has become a price-performance winner:

❤️ The eyelash shampoo has been tested under ophthalmological and dermatological control.

❤️ It has a ph value that corresponds to that of the natural tear fluid and thus has a nourishing effect.

❤️ Its ingredients provide refreshing moisture to the skin and have no negative effect on the durability of the XXL Lashes™ adhesive.

❤️ It removes make-up, dust and grease, old flakes of skin and impurities from the eyelid, thus preventing infections and increasing the wearing time of the expensive eyelash extensions.

❤️ More for the money: The professional cleaning brush for eyelash shampoo that comes with the product gets into the gaps better and is especially soft so as not to irritate the delicate skin on the eye. It allows a gentle application of the mild cleansing foam without damaging the extensions and attacking the adhesive areas. It also keeps the artificial eyelashes supple and soft.

A good eyelash shampoo is also indispensable in the post treatment of a microblading procedure. Unlike many other care products, it does not affect the pigments used in the procedure.

This is how it is done: using eyelash shampoo at home:

  • Preparation Keep all the paraphernalia, like the eyelash shampoo, cleaning brush, cosmetic tissues or kerchief close at hand near the wash basin, since you are going to have the use of just one eye to see things. Then pump once for a small squirt of eyelash shampoo on the cleaning brush. The pump squirts tiny amounts of shampoo and makes it easy to apply on the eyelashes. Alternatively you can pump out several portions on the back of your hand and dab the brush in them, but that is not quite a case for shampoo used sparingly.
  • Applying and shampooing Now, close one eye and dab the shampoo with the cleaning brush on the eyelash rim. Start shampooing your eyelashes in a gentle motion without exerting pressure, from the eyelash line to the tips. This helps protect the adhesions and remove all residues from the eyelid. ❗️Caution: Keep your eyes closed throughout the procedure.
  • Drying Thereafter, dry carefully, do not rub. Remember to use only a lint-free cosmetic tissue; eyelash extensions can get entangled and damaged in a terry towel.
Incidentally, there are very descriptive videos on YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest, e.g. Video 1 and Video 2

What You are Guaranteed not to Know About Washing Eyelashes!


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