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5 Forehead Trays

… for high-speed applications, shortens working time by 40% and enables to work with concentration

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❤️ 5 forehead eyelash palettes with forehead band and 5 glue cups for high-speed application, reduces application time by 40% and enables one to work with concentration.

❤️ These forehead trays figure among the practical tools used by professional stylist, for they reduce the distance between eyelash picking and eyelash sticking on the eyelid. Picking eyelashes close to the eyes reduces working time by up to 40%.

❤️ It reduces the strain on the eyes of the stylist by not having to focus on every hand movement at varying distances.

❤️ The tray is attached to the forehead band, is reusable and can hold 5 rows of eyelashes plus the glue cup. The straps enable movement of the tray to the left or right to work without any obstruction.

❤️ Each pack contains 5 forehead band eyelash trays with 1 forehead band and 5 glue cups.


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