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100 Eyelash Sponge Applicators

... with soft flock tip for gentle removal of eyelash extensions

Product ID: 087495 weight: 0,08 kg

4,50 EUR


❤️ Disposable applicators with soft flock tip for gentle removal of eyelash extensions. Optimal also for applying lip gloss or lipstick for a perfect and natural look without smudging

❤️ Good absorption of liquids, gels, powders, crystals or minerals, also ideally suited for lifting and tinting eyelashes and eyebrows

❤️ Comfortable and lightweight plastic handle with an overall length of 9.2 cm and a soft bevelled flock tip of 1.2 cm in length, which provides a comfortable and smooth application of colours for lips, make-up, eye shadow and eyebrows and a smooth shine for lip gloss applications as it perfectly adapts to the contours of the face

❤️ Easy handling and use, hygienic and practical, ideal for on the go, at home, in the salon or studio, very well tolerated by the skin as it contains no harmful substances

❤️ Also suitable as a utensil for other household tasks, e.g. removing dirt from remote controls, keyboards, telephones (for small gaps)


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