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XXL Lashes Training Manual “Russian Volume“, xD Eyelash Technique Training

Detailed, step-by-step instructions to learn the eyelash fan application technique, 24 pages with more than 70 illustrations.

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The xD volume technique is in the top rung of eyelash application methods – passion for perfection

Nothing compares to the gorgeous results of this method. It is called the Russian volume method or also 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D-eyelashes. “x” stands for the number of eyelashes that can be applied at one time.

It takes tremendous amount of practice to master this technique. It takes a while even for experienced stylists to get used to the dexterity required for this technique.

This manual by XXL Lashes, the market leader in all things related to “Eyelash extensions”, provides the perfect training homework. It addresses experienced stylists already skilled in the individual eyelash technique and explains the specific features of this method. It ends with practical tips and tricks given to avoid mistakes and to make the application process quicker and easier.


1. What sets this technique so apart?

2. What all does one need for it?

3. XD-Volume technique: this is how it goes:

4. Application tips

5. Supplement: all about glues

6. Horror stories and application blunders

7. Sample of client data sheet

You had best also get the instruction DVD


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Wrote by Guest. on 20.01.2020

great manuals

Great manual !

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