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Top Coat by XXL LacLine

It contains the formula that affords hard sealing and lends ultra sheen.

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 XXL LacLine Top Coat As the last step after applying XXL Lacline use the top coat, as always "really thinly" and right till the edges of the nail without touching the skin.
Even the top coat hardens in 120 seconds under the UV light or in 30 seconds under the LED light.

The top coat by XXL Lacline is a special sealer - protects the nails from scratches and chipping and can be applied over the nail polish or on the natural nail.

Hardening leaves behind a sticky layer on the nail, a so called "sweat layer". It is easily removed with a remover soaked cotton pad. The nails can are now ready for exposure to routine activities. No worries, it cannot blotch nor are they susceptible to imprinting.

With this last step you are completely done with the procedure and can begin to enjoy your beautiful long lasting polish on your finger nails and for 2 weeks at that without chipping or scratching.

The UV nail polish does not last for 2 weeks on your nails? The following may be the reasons behind this:

Only when the application is done precisely as per our step-by-step guidelines can you benefit of the long lasting results. So if you follow these you can enjoy your nails for a long time. Check whether one of the following reasons could be the cause of the short life of your nail polish:

  • - Was the nail surface grease free?
  • - Was the nail surface free of remover remnants?
  • - Have you cleaned the nail surface with spirit?
  • - Have you applied a base coat?
  • - Have you ensured that each coat is very thinly applied?
  • - Have you taken care of the nail edges?
  • - Are you sure that the base coat or top coat was not too thick?
  • - Were the nails with nail polish hardened under the UV light as per instructions?
  • - Did you shake the nail polish really well before application?

Please take note of all these finer points at the next application session. You will definitely achieve the desired results.


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