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A breakthrough in nail design for millions of women.

An option not available before that is an alternative between a manicure and gel modelling

XXL LacLine
XXL LacLine
XXL LacLine

Jessica, 34, Hamburg - At first I did not believe in it but now I am convinced: at the weekend I helped my friend who was moving house, packed cartons, transportation, scrubbing cupboards, etc...for hours on end. After all that my finger nails looked as unblemished as before.

Martina, 40, Oldenburg - There was no chipping at all in my case, although I just cannot bear to see an unpainted ring in the nail bed after two weeks. That is why I went through a new round of application. Great that it lasts so long.

Suse, 38, Hanau - Unfortunately I have very soft and thin nails which is the reason that gel nail modelling is out of the question for me as the nail surfaces have to be filed before application. This is an absolute no-no given my thin nails. I am happy, that I too can have high-gloss nails without this tedious step of filing.

Monique, 40, Paris - I came accross XXL LacLine simply because my clients asked for it. Now it is on offer in my nail studio and I am astonished that I get more orders for LacLine application than for gel nail modelling. It is a quicker procedure and I can offer it at a lower price and all of a sudden I have new clients, which I did not have before. The clients are very satisfied and I am working to full capacity.

Elena, 29, Turin - am one of those who does not have the time to visit a nail studio frequently. With XXL LacLine I now have the nail studio brought home to me. So, I can now do my nails in peace every 10-20 days sitting comfortably before the television and have the pleasure of perfectly groomed nails every single day.

Maria, 24, Madrid - My brittle nails have now grown healthy and strong under the protection of the UV nail polish so that I can at last have longer nails.

Marianne, 53, Cannes - How often have I had to find time to paint my nails just before the guests arrived and how often did I have to suffer blotches in no time in the absence of the time for drying? With the arrival of the UV nail polish by XXL LacLine this is now a thing of the past. I can now do my nails a day before, the preparations for the party does not affect them at all, I don't have to wait to do it at the last minute. But even doing it shortly before the party I can be rest assured that the nails will not have scratches, resist knocks and bumps and will not get smeared. Oh what a triumph!!

Ramona, 30, Barcelona - I don't know why but the nail polish on the toe nails take longer to dry than on the finger nails. How often did I have the imprint of my stockings on the surface of the nail polish! Gone are those times. Apply the nail polish, let it harden under the UV light for 2 minutes, put on your shoes, end of story!

Gina, 44, Sylt - The nail gloss took the toll on holidays, especially the toes because of the grinding effect of the sand on the feet. The sand has no effect at all on LacLine. Nails shine on the last day just as much as on the first. No comparison to earlier times.

Penny, 25, London - I cannot afford a nail studio with my small income. That is why I am really happy that there is now an alternative even for home.

Elke, 22, Berlin - The small investment of a UV light curing apparatus is completely worth it when I think of how much I save from doing my nails myself.

Kelly, 37, Copenhagen - I have acquired a small UV light for travels, it is light weight and does not hog much place. Should I have a blemish on my nail polish on the go, I do not have to put up with it, instead I can fix it myself in a breeze.

Sonja, 56, Frankfurt - As an answer to problems while travelling I tried applying an ordinary nail polish on the XXL LacLine nail polish to hide the blemishes that appeared after a while. Lo and behold! the ordinary nail polish lasted better and longer on this surface than it would have directly on my natural nails.

Jessica, 34, Hamburg - Actually I always wear the French look as nail polishes go. But I wanted a somewhat funky look, quite apart from my favourite muted XXL LacLine French one, for a party. So I simply painted a silver nail polish over and removed it the next day with an acetone-free remover. The "French" look beneath was as good as new there was just no impact on it.

Johanna, 28, Aschaffenburg - Those times are over and done with. That does not happen to me anymore!

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