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LacLine LED Beam - LED Light Curing Device

Particularly high capacity, cool design, handy and light, dries UV nail polishes and gels in just 30 seconds!

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The winning design is like a gem for every salon, SPA or at home..

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At the same time XXL LacLine LED lamp is also a truly high power LED light system for hardening of all UV nail polishes and gels on hands (finger nails) and feet (toes);

Dries nail polishes and gels in just 30 seconds! No heat generation in the device - power saving, eco-friendly, very low power consumption..

The design is not only very trendy, but also ergonomic. The three-level capacity LEDs are positioned to shine on the nail precisely and harden them in just 30 seconds.

The LED light is perfectly harmless for the skin (wavelength 400nm)

The LED lamps have a life of 40,000 and 50,000 hours (traditional UV lamps have a life of 250-400 hours)

Dimension: 155 × 55 × 51 mm
Weight: 85 gr
Power: 4.5 W – DC 12V/1A
Output: AC 110V~240V
Colour: white
Scope of delivery:

  • LED light beam
  • 1 × cable
  • Manual

And for travels there is always the Mini-LED Curing Lamp device


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Wrote by Magali C. on 24.05.2017

Very pretty pink color. Very fast drying speed. Easy to use with button and auto shut-off. However, two 30 second sequences are required for perfect drying.

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