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Base Coat by XXL LacLine

You should not fail to do this: it is the base coat that ensures that your nail polish lasts even longer...

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instead of 9,90 EUR only 4,95 EUR you save 50%


 XXL LacLine Base Coat Apply the base coat carefully and very thinly after you have gently roughened the nail surface with a buffer or a medium grained file and removed all traces of grease from your nails with spirit.

Roughening ensures that the base coat adheres perfectly to the natural nail surface. You do not need to file it very thin, it suffices to just lightly file until the shiny layer of the nails becomes matt. You had rather ensure that you file the sides of the nails, along both the lateral edges and at the edge of the nail base.

Let the base coat then simply harden for 120 seconds under the UV light or for 30 seconds under the LED light. By going through these grooming measures you are ensured that your XXL Lacline will last for the longest time.


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