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75 ml Argan Oil - 100% organic, cold pressed

A few drops of arguably the world's most precious and most expensive oil rubbed into the nails or hair hydrates them and provides them with vitamin A, E, F and omega 6 reserves.

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Your hair and nail do require nourishment and extra care every now and then. Give them the most intense treatment that nature has to offer: argan oil.

This is possibly the world's most precious and most expensive oil that is extracted from the seeds of the argan tree growing in Morocco. Its natural substances make it the most valuable body care product and its healing properties have even scientists baffled.

Since centuries the cold pressed argan oil, extracted from lightly roasted argan seeds, has been a tried and tested beauty elixir and an anti-ageing agent for the Berber tribes. It slows down the ageing process of skin, restores its elasticity and thereby hastens the process of regeneration. It regulates the functioning of sebaceous glands and is thus a promising cure for acne, it also brings a beautiful sheen to hair and adds volume, heals skin blemishes and repairs hair and nail damages.

Beauty tip: use the oil generously on your hands and nails, wear the cotton gloves and leave them on for a while for it to take effect.


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