Waterproof mascara – particularly convenient

Whether going for a swim, dicing onions, sweat or tears this waterproof mascara withstands it all.

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The mascara is easy to apply, lasts the whole day without smearing, lends a nice sweep to the eyelashes and even makes them look longer.

Although it is a waterproof mascara, it is quick and easy to remove with warm water, makeup remover or a little oil.

Our Argan oil brand is actually ideal for this, it protects the delicate skin around your eyes. Put a few drops on your fingers and carefully stroke your eyelashes back and forth with your fingers. The oil breaks down the elements of the mascara relatively quickly, so you do not have to stroke them for too long and can easily remove the rest with a cotton pad.

However, please refrain from using an oil-based makeup remover if you are wearing eyelash extensions.

Our tip for eyelash extensions: Although waterproof mascara is very convenient, it is not suited for eyelash extensions. We will tell you how it can be removed gently:

Under no circumstances can you use oil-based remover since this will dissolve the glue of your eyelash extensions. Take care not to rub too vigorously while removing makeup because this damages your natural eyelashes. Cotton pads are a complete no-no for eyelash extensions because the lint gets caught in your eyelash extensions. We suggest you use this lint-free makeup remover pads.

Tamp the pad down on the eyelids to soak them for about 30 seconds and then carefully wipe them always from top to bottom until the eyelids are free of makeup. This is how you can protect your sensitive eyelash extensions and remove the waterproof mascara.

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