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UV lamp, curing device, 36 W, incl. 4 twin tubes and timer

This professional UV light curing device is mainly used by professionals in their nail studios for hardening nail paints and gels

Product ID: 087186 weight: 1,30 kg

instead of 10,66 EUR only 5,33 EUR you save 50%


The casing is made of an easy to clean, white plastic material and the surface is resistant to paints, gels and acids. The device features a solid design and optimal reliability.

Hardening of paints and gels is consistently ensured by its special design and a completely reflective-coating in the interior. A tunnel construction and the film lined in the interior ensure an uniform hardening of the nail. It can be used for modelling of finger and toe nails.


Both the UV tubes have a 2 pin socket. They are top quality, particularly long lasting tubes with an output of up to 500 hours. Inadequate hardening of nail polishes and gels will mark the need for an imminent change of tubes. We therefore recommend you to stock a complete set of spare tubes. The tubes on offer ensure even and optimal polymerisation of the UV gels.


Easy to use:
The device offers 2 modes of operation. Continuer operation and a practical timer-based operation. The device thus gets started and switched off automatically after 120 seconds.
XXL LacLine requires 120 seconds per coat to dry, that is precisely one timer sequence.

Outer dimension L:295 mm × B:245 mm × H:115 mm
Tunnel size L:150 mm × B:150 mm × H:55 mm


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