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Training-DVD - The Art of Eyelash Application

You learn about the application and removal of eyelash extension and enhancements from a step-by-step training workshop.

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This DVD course is not just a thorough instruction acquainting you with application techniques in a step-by-step manner but also gives you many tips and tricks that are invaluable for an experienced stylist.

You can look forward to the following from the DVD:

Part 1:
  • basic knowledge
  • the materials used
  • preparing the right work station
  • thorough cleansing prior to procedure and treatment
  • masking the eyelashes
  • selection of the right eyelashes and lengths
  • picking eyelashes and glue
  • proper segregation of eyelashes
  • proper placement and alignment of the extension
  • ideal distribution of length
  • sequence of application
  • tips for stylists
  • care instructions for the client
Part 2:
  • self-application of eyelash extensions with flare lashes
Part 3:
  • removal of eyelashes

If you practice the steps you will soon master the art of eyelash extension and can indulge your client with dream eyelashes.

The course is available in 5 languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French. DVD is for windows can not be returned.

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