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Stylo-Eyeliner, oil-free, water-based suited for eyelash extensions

individual or in a packet of 24 pieces at a wholesale price saving 35 % on the price

Product ID: 086436 weight: 0,02 kg

4,50 EUR - 6,90 EUR


Quantity Single price
1-11 6,90 EUR
12-23 -22 % 5,40 EUR
>= 24 -35 % 4,50 EUR


In a modern design - matching the luxury mascara.
The Stylo-Eyeliner traces a well-defined line in jet-black on the edge of the eyelid with its fine brush, which does not run or smudge. This lends your eyes this extravagant expression and at the same time protects the materials of the eyelash attachment.

The packaging consists of an elegant rolled casing which is so convenient to handle that it makes application of the eyelash strokes very easy.

The Stylo-Eyeliner is dermatologically tested, long lasting and yet water-based and hence easy to remove with the XXL Lashes cleanser, the oil-free XXL Lashes remover pads or even with lukewarm water.

We recommend that you stock the Stylo Eyeliner as an after sales product. It is well liked and readily bought after a eyelash application by the client. The 24-piece packet gives you the advantage of a wholesale price of just EUR 4,50 per piece.

Our professional tips for the perfect stroke are as follows:

1. Before starting to apply makeup, get acquainted with the different areas of the eye

  • Inner corner
  • Middle part of the eyelid
  • Outer corner
  • Moveable part of the eyelid
  • Lower part of the frontal bone
  • Frontal bone or the highlight zone
  • Water line
  • Lower line of eyelashes
  • Inner corner of the lower line of eyelashes

2. Find the eye shape that matches your eyes most and select the stroke to be applied for this form:

3. – These are the favourite shapes:

4. Here are two good tricks to know to get the perfect cat eye look:
…start from the lower part and join with the upper line:

… or make a perfect triangle starting from the middle of the eyelashes and ending at the outer end and then complete the line going towards the inner corner of the eye and shade it completely. This is best done with a liquid eyeliner:

5. For the 'smoky look' first draw a perfect line and then smudge it:

6. For the 'Arabic look' draw a very thin line along the line of eyelashes:

7. … and applying a white eyeliner along the water line gives a glowing look: