7 ml skin glue for strip lashes & stick-on eyebrows

White, clear drying glue, water repellent, skin friendly

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Run out of glue for your artificial eyebrows? No problem, now you have a refill bottle.
This skin friendly latex glue is good for all kinds of artificial eyebrows and eyelashes, and to stick adornments on the skin

This glue initially appears white but turns transparent upon drying. It repels water and thus helps strip eyelashes or eyebrows even to last through showers.
Like any waterproof glue, it dissolves by applying grease. For easy removal after use, apply a little lotion or oil based makeup remover.

This glue is not suited for the application of semi-permanent eyelash extensions. One of the following waterproof glues is recommended for this.

Wait for 15-30 seconds after you put it on and then go ahead with the application
The glue dries clear and turns invisible.

Shelf life:
Its shelf life is about 12 months under optimum conditions; however, the glue is best used in the first 6 months.