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Set of tweezers for eyelash extension professionals

All in one - the most essential 8 tools for stylists at a glance in a protective zippered case at 25% savings

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61,50 EUR


The first set of tweezers of its kind in the market (for a closer look simply click on the photo given above)

The individual price of all instruments comes to a total of 92.50 EUR. You save over 25% when you buy the set and also get a handy little case for free with it.

The most essential 8 tools in an elegant, black Rexine case that protects your valued tools.

The set has all the different types of tweezers that a eyelash stylist requires:

  • a straight and curved pair of tweezers for the individual eyelash technique (individual price 8.80 EUR each)
  • all the 3 tweezers required for the xD volume technique (individual price 19 EUR each)
  • an X-type pair of tweezers (individual price 9.50 EUR)
  • a pair of top quality scissors (individual price 3.50 EUR)
  • a dentist mirror (individual price 4.90 EUR)

XXL Lashes has kept the following in mind while designing the tweezers

  • that they are easy to press and are not wearying for the hands,
  • are made of stainless steel,
  • the pincer arms are very closely aligned to each other all along the shaft to enable one to pick and hold the finest eyelash hair without having to exert too much pressure
  • and the handles are adequately long for a firm grasp.

The pictures reveal the surgical stainless steel manufacturing. Should you ever happen to drop an instrument on the floor and the tips get bent, you can order individual instruments from us.


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