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NanoSprayer, Nano Mister – fine atomised spray dries glue much faster …. gold

… lengthens the life of eyelash extensions and reduces allergic reactions

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  • Color: gold


The XXL Lashes Nano Sprayer is an elegant, handy device that produces ultra fine spray by turning water molecules into nano particles.

This has a highly useful and effective function in the application of eyelash extensions

  • It fastens the drying process of glue because once eyelash glue comes into contact with humidity polymerisation takes place, i.e. both substances get adhered to each other.
  • Better adherence lengthens the life of an application.
  • Any fume emanating from the glue is immediately absorbed leaving no trace behind. It helps sensitive clients to bear them better and to minimise allergic reactions.


Please use distilled water as far as possible to refill the spray, which can be done using the pipette bottle enclosed here.

After application use the atomiser to spray the eyelash extensions for a few seconds at a distance of about 15—20 cm from the eyes.

Then fan them dry for a short while and repeat the procedure

Beware:do not let the eyelashes get wet, just spray a fine mist over them.

Tip: the spray is a real boon on hot days to moisten your skin now and then. A drop of mint extract added to it brings a feeling of extra freshness (please use a separate device for this, one which is not used for the area around the eyes).

This video demonstrates just how fast the glue hardens using this spray:

Delivery includes:

  • 1 Nano Sprayer with a refill tank in white or gold colour
  • 1 pipette for the distilled water
  • a velvet bag for stowing
  • USB cable for recharging
  • manual in english language

For those who want to know more … :

Cyanoacrylate forms the main element of all glues used for eyelash extensions. It does indeed dry within seconds but needs 24 hours to dry up thoroughly. The glue draws the humidity for this from the atmosphere, skin and eyes. It follows then that this can cause dryness and irritation of eyes.

As soon as humidity binds with Cyanoacrylate, the molecules form a chain with a strong matrix of retention; this process is called polymerisation. The fumes stop emanating only once the process is completed. They can cause irritation to the eyes or lead to allergic reactions. Using the spray reduces the time taken for the hardening process (polymerisation) to a matter of a few seconds.


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