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NanoSprayer, Nano Mister – fine atomised spray dries glue much faster ….

… lengthens the lifetime of eyelash extensions and reduces allergic reactions

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❤️ The XXL Lashes Nano Sprayer is a sleek, handy device that creates an ultra-fine mist by converting water molecules into nanoparticles. The handy spray mister has a large capacity of 30 ml and can produce cold mist around 16-18 times or 20 minutes without interruption. The generated high-frequency burst results in a large number of ions and fine mist particles that open the skin's natural barrier for its care and nourishment.

❤️ Eyelash stylists use the nano sprayer because the spray accelerates the hardening of the glue, because eyelash glue polymerizes when it comes into contact with humidity, which means that both substances are connected and sealed. This extends the durability of eyelash extensions. Vapors that escape from the adhesive are bound immediately and are no longer noticeable. This improves tolerability and minimizes allergic reactions.

❤️ The fine mist of the mineral water is long-lasting moisturizing and has the ability to penetrate deep into the skin to transport the mineral substances into the skin's basal cell layer. This ensures better absorption of pollutants and enables beneficial deep cleaning. The complexion is calmed and refreshed, it appears firmer, finer and more radiant. The moisturizing reduces fine wrinkles

❤️ The facial steamer is your little SPA when traveling and at work, for pore-deep facial care and skin detoxification, in hot summer for relaxation and cooling, in winter for hydrating dry skin and soothing itchy skin or after sunburn. The Nano Sprayer is also a popular pocket-sized disinfectant spray that you can always have with you. Disinfect everything and everywhere, completely without chemicals and 100% sustainable!

❤️ This portable mini sprayer is easy to use, just fill up with mineral water, at the touch of a button it releases a soothing mist of cold water. Charging is via USB. - Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Nanoscale hydration allows the moisture to penetrate into the deep skin and reduce sensitivity. - Specifications: Material: ABS / Size: 10 x 3.7 cm / Package size: 14.5 x 4 x 4 cm Weight: 72 g / Package Contents: 1 x Nano Sprayer; 1 * USB Cable

Tip: the spray is a real boon on hot days to moisten your skin now and then. A drop of mint extract added to it brings a feeling of extra freshness (please use a separate device for this, one which is not used for the area around the eyes).

This video demonstrates just how fast the glue hardens using this spray:

Delivery includes:

  • 1 Nano Sprayer with a refill tank in white or gold colour
  • USB cable for recharging
  • manual in english language

For those who want to know more … :

Cyanoacrylate forms the main element of all glues used for eyelash extensions. It does indeed dry within seconds but needs 24 hours to dry up thoroughly. The glue draws the humidity for this from the atmosphere, skin and eyes. It follows then that this can cause dryness and irritation of eyes.

As soon as humidity binds with Cyanoacrylate, the molecules form a chain with a strong matrix of retention; this process is called polymerisation. The fumes stop emanating only once the process is completed. They can cause irritation to the eyes or lead to allergic reactions. Using the spray reduces the time taken for the hardening process (polymerisation) to a matter of a few seconds.


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