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Mink eyelashes made from 100% priceless natural hair in lengths ranging from 7—15 mm

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Our genuine mink eyelashes are sheer seduction. Desirable gloss, wonderfully light, magnificent sweep, unmatched in terms of quality the world over!

There are 10 strips in each pack with a combination of lengths ranging from 7—15 mm, so that the eyelash extension stylist has sufficient lengths to choose from to create a row of true-to-life eyelashes.

In the interest of proper application of this precious item it's use should be exclusively the privilege of professionals. For optimal application, we recommend you to use the transparent XXL Lashes Adhesive

The natural hair mink eyelashes are extracted from Siberian minks. Be rest assured, no animal is harmed in the process. The lashes are gathered by gently brushing the animal's coat, after that they are sterilized and sorted manually according to lengths and shapes; they are then placed on adhesive strips to enable easy handling for the stylist. Sterilization makes them hypoallergenic and thus perfectly compatible and hygienic.