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Mineral Baked Eyeshadow – Pressed Eyeshadow with Minerals

Particularly long-lasting and with shimmering pearl pigments for heightened intensity of colour

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2,40 EUR - 5,90 EUR


Quantity Single price
1-4 5,90 EUR
5-9 -36 % 3,80 EUR
>= 10 -59 % 2,40 EUR
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The new-generation eyeshadow largely contains mineral contents like titanium dioxide, kaolin and silver oxide as well nourishing vitamin E, A and jojoba oil. It is therefore also suited for sensitive skins especially as the use of preservatives, mineral oil and perfumes is dispensed with.

Owing to the manufacturing process, the origins of which date back as far as the ancient Egyptians, the luminosity of the colouring pigments is intensified and the shimmering pearl proportions can be increased as opposed to pressed eyeshadows (90% pearl proportion is possible whereas only 35% with pressed eyeshadows)

The texture lends itself to an uniform application and has a luxurious feel while applying. The colours flow very well and it feels light on wearing. Application is smooth and so is the process of blending colours, their intensity not diminishing in the process. Application of a base coat renders the colours even more vibrant. That it is long lasting is manifest in it lasting through the day without the colours running and collecting in the creases on the eyelid.

Each set contains 5 shimmering colours:

  • Blue, with all the shimmering nuances of the sea and sand
  • Brown, capturing all the hues of sunny autumn lights
  • Violet, luminous colours of wild berries
  • Black, the seduction of the night

In the market you can buy Mineral Baked Eyeshadow at approx. 6—8 EUR per clour. XXL Lashes offers you a collection of 5 colours at an introductory offer of 9.50 EUR in all. 

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