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Magic Volume Lashes | D-Curl | 0,07mm thin | length 12mm

Fan-making easier than ever! The fans come open by themselves by just peeling them off the adhesive strip, like in the video

Product ID: 086283 weight: 0,02 kg

instead of 14,90 EUR only 9,69 EUR you save 35%

  • Size: 12 mm


A long held wish comes true for all eyelash stylists: the taxing work of making clusters or fans from individual eyelashes for a volume eyelash set is now a thing of the past; it happens on its own saving precious time. A delight not just for stylists but clients too! For clients quick application means getting dream eyelashes in no time at all. 

✔️ The clusters come open like magic simply by peeling them off the strip!
✔️ Create fans in seconds!
✔️ The silk PBT fibres bring about superb adhesion
✔️ Fans form virtually by themselves!
✔️ Get perfect eyelash clusters effortlessly!
✔️ Ideal for beginners to practice forming fans!
✔️ Express Volume Set for professionals for express application!
✔️ Mega volumes in a jiffy!
✔️ Create gorgeous and even volume fans without being trained in volume fan-making!


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